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When it comes to being American, there are few things that outrank ranch dressing. Maybe apple pie, country music, and pickup trucks, but that’s about it. In fact, the first ranch dressing was invented by a real-life cowboy and rancher, Steve Henson, in 1954. He and his wife purchased 120 acres of land just outside of Santa Barbara and built a dude ranch where they began experimenting with and testing salad dressing recipes. 

The end result? Hidden Valley Ranch. Made with real buttermilk, fresh herbs, and other ingredients you could actually pronounce, the original recipe was a masterpiece. But in 1972, Clorox bought the rights to sell Hidden Valley Ranch from Steve. Yes, the bleach company.

Almost immediately, they began reformulating Steve’s beloved recipe to make it more convenient for consumers. What followed was a series of Frankensteined versions of the recipe’s original self. First, they introduced buttermilk flavoring to replace actual buttermilk and save money. Next, they developed a chemical-laden formula that didn’t require refrigeration. What was once an innocent, fresh ranch dressing loved by the masses had transformed into a lab experiment masquerading as a creamy, innocent complement to your favorite foods. Poor Steve would be heartbroken to see the shell of a sauce that his life’s greatest work had become.

Since then, there have been countless charlatans peddling their sauces as fresh, natural ranch dressings. These shelf-stable impersonators have become the industry standard and are accepted as normal because of a lack of wholesome alternatives.

But we believe you deserve better. That’s why we decided to honor the roots of ranch dressing while adding our own special touch and bring you what we believe is the best-tasting, real-food-filled ranch dressing that’s out there today: Wicked Rancher.

What is it?

Wicked Rancher is a creamy, citrusy ranch with a touch of heat that perfectly blends freshly roasted garlic with habanero and serrano peppers, lime, and salt.

Why is it special?

The next time you’re at the grocery store, take a stroll down the condiment aisle. You’ll see a lineup of all the usual suspects — bland, run-of-the-mill ranches filled with artificial ingredients that offer nothing your taste buds haven’t experienced before. Wicked Rancher gives you the creaminess you’re used to in a ranch, but also tantalizes your tongue with fresh lime and a touch of heat thanks to the habanero-serrano combo — without using the artificial flavorings, colorings, MSG, and unnecessary fillers the other guys use. Tell The Clorox Company they can keep their chemicals. 

What does it go with?

If you’re a dunker and heat lover, Wicked Rancher is the creamy vat of fire you’ve been searching for all these years. Pure paradise for pizza, fries, onion rings, Buffalo wings, and veggie sticks, our garlic-forward ranch welcomes your taste buds with a bit of limey tang then deceives them with a thrilling duo of fresh habanero and serrano peppers. Tired of traditional condiments and dressings? Wicked Rancher is perfect for topping off that summer burger and is also incredibly good at helping shake up the traditional garden-fresh salad. If you’re feeling extra adventurous and bold, stir some into your mac and cheese the next time you’re making it. But good luck getting yourself to share if you’re eating with others.